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Single Tube Heat Exchangers

AFX Alu and the AFX HDG bring together Kelvion’s extensive knowledge and experience from countless customized Air Fin Cooler projects to create a standardized and modular design, improving heat transfer and boosting efficiency. While differing in the range of application, both products have Kelvion’s advanced tube technology at the heart, with the advantages of reduced engineering effort, delivery times and payback periods.


Unique aluminum groovy finned tubes form the core of the AFX Alu, providing a higher level of heat exchange. It has been developed for cooling applications in the oil & gas and heavy industries. With the AFX HDG, hot dip galvanized, elliptical CW tubes offer increased heat exchange at reduced fan power consumption. Robust, corrosion resistant and easy to clean, the AFX HDG is ideal for heavy industry, power, chemical and petrochemical applications.


Modular & compact design

Fast quotation & delivery

API 661 standard (AFX ALU)

Pressure vessel design according asme viii div. 1 with u-stamp /ce (AFX ALU)

Transportable by truck / container

Less power consumption

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