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Single Tube Heat Exchangers

The ACX Air Cooled Condenser offers a standardized and modular design leading to short quotation and delivery times, a short payback period and lower CAPEX. The modular design allows for a high degree of preassembly of materials in the workshop and / or at grade level on site which leads to reduction of site erection hours.

Choose from three different fan diameters, 24 ft, 28 ft and 32 ft and combine up to four modules to an Air Cooled Condenser Bay to cover the range of heat flow rejected between approximately 15 MW up to approximately 90 MW. The optimized V-Shape installation with induced draft air fan on top allows for a lower substructure and therefore for a lower overall height as well as reduced power consumption compared with classical A-frame configurations. The mechanical drive (motor + gearbox) is located at the lower platformto ease access and maintenance during operations.


Modular & compact design

Up to 20% less power consumption

30% less structural steel

20% less erection work

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