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Single Tube Heat Exchangers

Air preheater are heat exchangers for heating, cooling and condensing and for heat recovery. Many decades of experience in designing and manufacturing have made us a leading supplier of heat exchangers for cooling and heating of gaseous and liquid media. The wide range of available plain and finned tube systems is certainly an important aspect of our market success.


Finned-tube heat exchangers can be made from numerous materials: steel, stainless steel,  aluminum and other special materials. Plain-tube heat exchangers are used mostly where a fluid present around the tubes is so polluted that finned tubes can no longer be used. Steel and stainless steel versions as well as a hairpin design are also possible.


Aerodynamically favourable core tube with roughly 3 to 10 times less hydraulic friction as compared with a round tube with considerably lower pressure drop and better heat transfer rate

High thermal transmittance resulting in small heat exchanger surface

Compact design leading to good use of a given layout

Good corrosion protection due to hot-dip galvanizing in a dipped bath and at the same time an optimum metal joint between core tube and fin

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