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Single Tube Heat Exchangers


An Economizer is a type of heat exchanger which is designed to use residual heat for further thermal operations. In doing so, it increases the process efficiency and lowers operating costs. As the name “Economizer” suggests, it offers customers significant economic benefits.

EcoMi takes these economic advantages even further by combining them with a modular design. This leads to even more savings, thanks to less engineering work, short lead times and shorter payback periods. Our standardized design can handle a wide range of gas flow volumes. It can also be equipped with different tube and casing types, using carbon and stainless steel, to suit your application – including condensation. With its vertical, horizontal or horizontal to vertical installation, the Economizer can be integrated in existing plants, offering you the greatest possible flexibility.


Modular design

Works with condensation

Integrated bypass

Plant operating cost savings

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