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Kelvion Thermal Solutions


Wherever heat recovery is required within industrial production processes and our products are customized to fullfil their duty in different industries, applications and processes.  Oil, gas and chemicals, steel plants and power stations, from waste incineration to drying equipment –  We have one of the most comprehensive, if not the most comprehensive heat recovery portfolio throughout the world.


Inspection hatch


Exhaust gas bypass

Heat exchanger casing with integrated bypass

Outlet duct

Inlet duct

Control manually or with actuator

Heat exchanger



Extruded Tubes


Laser Finned Tubes

  • Good heat transfer due to aluminium fins

  • Available with carbon or stainless steel core

  • Cost efficient solution

  • High durability

  • Resistant to corrosion & high temperature

  • Good heat transfer due to laser welded connection
    Available with carbon or stainless steel

  • High pressure/temperature applications

Elliptical Tubes

  • High durability

  • Low pressure drop

  • Available with carbon or stainless steel core

  • Good heat transfer due to galvanized connection

  • Fully hot dip galvanized

Bare Tubes

  • Condensation friendly

  • Corrosion resistant

  • Excellent for cleaning

  • Available with carbon or stainless steel





Gas-gas units


  • Pulp&paper

  • Metallurgy

  • Wood panels

  • Plasterboard manufacturing

  • Cement

  • Sewege sludge incineration

  • Electric batteries

  • Other H&L industries

Minimize your operating costs


Developed specifically for high-efficiency heat recovery systems.
⊲ Waste incineration
⊲ Biomass fired plants
⊲ Sinter plants
⊲ Cement factories
⊲ Power stations
⊲ Steelworks
⊲ Refineries

⊲ CAT reactor can be placed directly on top of Wave Recuperator
⊲ Leak-free*: Recuperative Welded Plate Heat Exchanger
⊲ Maximum heat recovery: Counter flow design, Inceased turbulence
⊲ Easy to clean: Manual cleaning with pressured air lance
⊲ Simple and easy to upscale: Modular design
⊲ Small footprint: very compact, light weight ⊲ The SCR Reactor can be carried by the Wave Recuperator no additional (cold) steel structure needed


Efficiency has become synonymous with success. When a company manages to reduce its primary energy consumption, the positive effect on the process is very evident – as are the benefits to the investor. By replacing low performing combustion air preheaters with WAVE RECUPERATOR you can boost the productivity and reduce the fuel consumption of your plant. At the same time CO2 emissions can be reduced. The WAVE RECUPERATOR is about half the weight and half the plot space of tubular type Heat Exchangers with the same duty And even more its weight benefit compared to cast iron units is considerable.


All types of air preheaters can be replaced:

  • Tubular type

  • Cast iron type

  • Rotary regenerative type

  • Other plate type (OCAP)

High efficient Wave Recuperator can be installed

  • within the same plot space

  • on existing APH foundation

  • during regular shutdown

KTS provides the full scope of servcie

  • design of new heat exchangers and ducts

  • site supervision and assembly concept

  • structural analysis & foundation loads

Your benefits at a glance:

A level that makes Kelvion Thermal Solution both market and technology leader in the heat transfer  sector and we strive to improve this further. At our globally networked manufacturing locations our specialists work on the development of new plate materials and welding technologies, developing thinner plates to offer improved wear resistance, new surface structures for better flow configurations and further improvements to continuously optimize the application stability of Kelvion Thermal Solution  products in the future.


  • Low energy input

  • Maximum leakage tightness

  • Highly compact and space-saving design

  • High thermal efficiency

  • Modular assembly, resulting in fast installation and optimum adaptation to processing and facility situation

  • Easy cleaning thanks to short, vertical flow channels

  • Greater return on investment: Pairing your air makeup unit with an industrial heat recovery unit enables you to have a shorter payback period.


Boost your Plant with Gas Heater and Gas Cooler

Gas Heater

The WAVE RECUPERATOR is a fully-welded heat exchanger that is used It provides excellent efficiency with lowest possible temperature differences for gas to gas heat exchange. So it can be used to cool down the flue gas with ambient air between 0 °C and 40 °C as cooling medium. 


By replacing low performing combustion air preheaters with WAVE RECUPERATOR you can boost the productivity and reduce the fuel consumption of your plant. At the same time CO2 emissions can be reduced.


WAVE RECUPERATOR is used above all in the Green Tech industry as CCUS / CCS “Carbon Capture” The function of heat exchanger is flue gas  cooling.



Heat Recovery System for DeNOx Systems: Emission impossible


The recuperative gas preheater technology has proven its practical value on a large scale. In a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) nitrogen oxides are converted to nitrogen and water by adding ammonia 


The WAVE RECUPERATOR as the central unit in a special flue gas purification plant enables a minimum input of primary energy. The major share of energy for this process is recovered from waste heat, with the reliable support of the RECUPERATOR. The heat recovery rate is up to approx. 90%. This figure speaks for itself– and   for the efficiency and innovative performance of the WAVE RECUPERATOR.


Heat recovery systems have become increasingly essential in today's industrial world, and Kelvion Thermal Solutions stands out as a leading provider of innovative and efficient solutions. Our heat recovery systems are specifically designed to capture and reuse waste heat and gases, thereby significantly reducing energy consumption and costs, while also improving environmental sustainability.


Our heat recovery systems cater to a broad range of applications, including the chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, power generation, food and beverage, pulp and paper, and boiler systems, as well as high-temperature hot liquid filtration. These systems are designed and manufactured using the latest technologies, ensuring their high performance and reliability.

Our heat exchangers are engineered to handle a wide range of fluids and temperatures, ensuring maximum efficiency and performance.


One of our primary offerings is the condenser, which is specially designed to recover waste heat from steam systems. Our condensers are highly efficient, with a low-pressure drop and minimal fouling, and are available in various sizes and configurations to suit different applications and environments.


For applications where water is scarce or not practical for cooling, our air-cooled heat exchangers are an excellent solution. These heat exchangers are designed to be highly efficient and reliable, even in extreme temperatures and harsh environments.

In addition to our heat recovery systems, we also provide a range of services to help our customers optimize their recovery processes. Our experienced engineers and technicians can provide expert advice on system design and optimization.


At Kelvion Thermal Solutions, we are committed to delivering innovative and efficient heat recovery solutions that help our customers save energy, reduce costs, and improve environmental sustainability. Contact us today to learn more about our recovery systems and how we can help you optimize your industrial processes.

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