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One of the world’s largest untapped energy source is the excess heat – did you know that? Nowadays, various industrial applications

still have huge potential for waste heat recovery.

Improved energy efficiency in industrial processes can lead to substantial energy savings, decarbonisation of the particular industry sector and subsequent reduction of CO2 emissions. The reduction in energy cost also enables greater competitiveness for the companies.

Regardless of these mentioned potential advantages of the heat recovery, there are several barriers which cause the underutilization

of available excess heat, despite of rapid technological development. One of the reasons is either temporal or geographical mismatch between supply and demand of the thermal energy. Among many available active and passive solutions for industrial waste heat recovery, Thermal Energy Storage (TES) is able to solve this mismatch challenge.

Kelvion Thermal Solution is closely cooperating with one of the world leading players in TES solutions, delivering the heat exchangers for several projects related to this technology. During the discharge mode of the system, our dedicated units are transferring the accumulated heat from special material with high specific heat capacity into the medium suitable in various industrial processes

(eg. pulp and paper, food, steelmills etc.).

Our economizers and recuperators can work with any available fluids like air, thermal oil, steam, hot water etc., depends on the application where thermal energy storage system is utilized.  KTS heat recovery units, can work in very demanding environments, even up to 1000 deg C and are covering majority of existing industrial applications where excess heat can be recovered.


If you already have or working on development of thermal energy storage system, or maybe just simply need to recover heat out of your industrial process – contact us and together we will find suitable solution, helpful in your transition to a net zero system.

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