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Large-scale project for LNG  

Air Cooled Condensers manufactured with passion.

In the dynamic world of the LNG industry, successful implementation of large-scale projects requires seamless collaboration and innovative solutions.

KTS is a Leader in Engineering Thermal Solutions. We led a very interesting project from initial concept to final execution.

This project is undertaking with 3 ACCs of 18 cells each. The 3 auxiliary modules including Vacuum Unit and Condensate Tank. The heart of this project lies in its modular construction approach. Each of the 3 ACCs is divided into 10 modules erected in our site and then sea transported to customer’s site.


About ACC

Air-cooled condensers (ACCs) are commonly found in power plants, biomass, waste-to-energy, district heating, and various industrial and oil and gas processes that use a steam turbine to generate electricity.

It transfers heat from the steam turbine exhaust steam to the surrounding air, without consuming water.

The design of vacuum steam condensers is based on the MASH© concept with A Frame (forced draft) architecture. Steam is fed to the condenser through a steam duct and manifold. The steam flows through 2 or 3 rows of finned tubes. The condensate is recovered in mask collectors connected to a hot water tank. The non-condensable part of the steam flows upward through the delegation row. The condensation water is then returned to the boiler by means of adjustable closed-loop pumps, while the non-condensable steam is discharged to the atmosphere thanks to a vacuum unit.

The complete system works with a variety of instruments that measure process parameters, making it possible to regulate fan motors, pumps and automatic valves.

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