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Rayonier Advanced Materials

Our colleagues from Kelvion in the Netherlands, Germany and France came together to win and deliver an order from Rayonier Advanced Materials for four sets of cooling towers and related gasketed plate heat exchangers.

Rayonier is a US producer of pulp, mechanical pulp, paper and board. It wanted the equipment to cool water from acid evaporators at the plant in Tartas, France. The Polacel CMDR 540 cooling towers, equipped with permanent magnet motors as the drive unit, met these requirements and are the first of their kind to be supplied in France. For the heat exchangers, we supplied our most efficient model, NP150X. With a high NTU, the Rayonier application was perfect for the ultra-high-performance plate. With over 1,000 of them per unit, we installed four of the biggest NP150X ever made by our Sarstedt factory.

The order was placed in June 2020 and delivered in early November.​

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