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Revamp of Gas Processing Plant in Middle East

In 2018, Kelvion completed an airside revamp of an Overhead Condenser (OVHD) in a Gas Processing Plant in Middle East. The air-cooler has 10 induced fans, and the process is mainly composed of Methane (85%) and Propane (5%).

The OVHD Condenser was facing cooling capacity issues due to high ambient temperatures (52.0°C in summer) that were far above the original design (46.0°C). The process flow rate was limited to 367.2 t/h @ 49.5°C to ensure the outlet process temperature would still be below 62.5°C. The actual performance was measured and the following steps were taken to improve it.

Kelvion completed the installation and upgrade of the Propane Condenser with the following parts:
► New fan shaft with top and bottom bearings,
► New fans

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