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Single Tube Heat Exchangers

The prime design for vacuum air-cooled condensers is based on MASH concept. Steam is brought to the condenser via a steam duct and a manifold. Steam flows down across 2 or 3 rows of finned tubes. Condensates are recovered inside bonnet header boxers connected to a hot water tank. Non-condensable go up through a deflegmation row for final condensation.

ALEX System
The ALEX system consists of an aluminium coated steel flat duct. Aluminium finnings between the flat ducts are hard-soldered to the aluminium coating of the flat duct. The solder fills the gap between the fin root and the core tube completely to achieve excellent heat transfer properties.

A-Tube System
A-tube consists of an elliptical bare tube with rectangular carbon steel fins. Heat transfer is optimized by hot deep galvanization. The gap between the fin foot and the fin is filled completely with zinc to achieve excellent heat transfer properties.

Answering most of API 661 (ISO 13706) and ASME VIII div 1 requirements

U stamped when required by end user

Optimized selection for plot plan restrictions using Groovy fins

Optimal use of the complete cooling surface as no-flow regions are avoided

Hot deep galvanized bath gives an optimal protection against corrosion

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