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Kelvion Thermal Solutions


Energy is becoming synonymous with success. When a company manages to reduce its primary energy consumption, the positive effect on the balance sheet is very evident – as are the benefits to the environment. Heat recovery has proved to be the most effective way of exploiting existing energy in secondary systems and processes, thus minimizing primary energy input.


Whether in fossil-fuel power stations, in waste incineration and chemical plants, in refineries, steelworks, in wood processing and papermaking, whether in cement works or many other branches of industry: the recuperative Kelvion Thermal Solutions WAVE RECUPERATORS are capturing the markets, particularly thanks to the significant technological advantages in comparison with conventional solutions. For example in increased operational reliability: the fully welded passive and static KTS systems, in contrast to conventional regenerative active systems, have no need for bearings or motors because there is no motion at all. This minimizes maintenance and installation expenditure as well as wear.

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