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Single Tube Heat Exchangers

That's how it works: Warm air from the process flows around thinwalled plain tubes, cools down and condenses if necessary. Cold fresh air flows inside the tubes, is preheated by the exhaust air and then brought into the process - realizing an efficient heat recovery. Air to Air heat exchangers are designed as both simple crossflow and cross-counterflow with reversal hoods. As material stainless steel is used, thus the condensation of water is not crititcal.

In order to provide process and cost effective solution we may mix glued and welded solution as well as stainless steel and carbon steel materials. We have solutions for a wide range of air volume flows, as well as temperatures - we have experience up till 1000°C.

Air To Air Glued
The Air To Air Glued is a lightweight construction where the tube to tube-sheet connection is generated by a special silicon-free glue. This type of heat exchanger can be perfectly used in low to medium temperature applications up to a temperature of 180°C. The significant weight reduction of the Kelvion recuperator allows one to install it in previously inaccessible locations. The reduced need for welding and use of thin-walled components make the new construction cheaper and less complicated to manufacture, while also maintaining its full functionality.

Air To Air Welded
The Air To Air Welded is suited for applications with higher temperatures, higher pollution and higher external loads on the heat exchanger, fully customized to fulfill the individual customer needs. The tube to tube-sheet connection is generated via welding.


Silicon-free glue

Easy to clean

Designed for every customer needs

Lightweight construction

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