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Fully Welded Heat Exchanger


The WAVE RECUPERATOR describes two highly efficient, fully welded heat exchangers for gaseous products. Whether in fossil-power stations, in waste incineration and chemical plants, in refineries, steelworks, in wood processing and papermaking, whether in cement works or many other branches of industry: the recuperative heat exchangers are capturing the markets, particular thanks to the significant technological advantages in comparison with conventional solutions.

Thanks to their no-compromise compact design of  WAVE RECUPERATOR can be perfectly adapted to every process-engineering or space situation. The heat transfer surfaces consist of profiled plates with a high specific capacity which are welded together into self-supporting packs. Both gases flow through the plates in countercurrent and are separated from each other without leakage. Mixing of the two gas streams is thus almost completely excluded.


Low Energy input

Easy cleaning

Maximum leakage tightness

Highly compact and space saving design

High thermal efficienc

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