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Desublimation is a thermodynamic method for separating product from a gas stream and is an alternative to adsorption and absorption. The separation is achieved by cooling and heating in batch-operation. It is used, for example, in chemical and  pharmaceutical processes, to secure vacuum pumps or for tank venting. The separated component can be an invaluable raw material or may be hazardous for the environment.

In the Desublimator unit the gas mixture comes into contact with cooled lammaellas/fins. Here that part of the gas mixture to be separated desublimates either around or below its triple point and adheres to the cold surface in crystalline form. The Desublimator unit is split into several sections to achieve an optimum distribution of the product inside the Desublimator. This special design feature ensures the highest separation efficiencies and longest loading times.

High efficiency

Long lifetime

Low weight

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