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Printed Circuit Heat Exchanger


For decades, we have been supplying the oil & gas industry with reliable and efficient heat exchange technology for a wide range of applications. Our broad experience and knowledge of the market has enabled us to develop and enhance our product portfolio with innovations. K°Bond, Kelvion’s diffusion bonded heat exchanger, is ideal for applications involving extreme process temperatures and pressures.

Combining design with welding expertise, K°Bond withstands pressures up to 1,050 bar and temperatures from cryogenic -200 to 600 °C, while providing significant savings in weight and footprint compared to common heat exchanger solutions. K°Bond with its diffusion bonding technology is perhaps one of the most significant and game-changing solutions for projects with restricted space – May it be for offshore plants (e.g. as high pressure vaporizer) and reliquefaction on floating units.


Requirements for Heat Exchangers in Hydrogen Refueling stations are tough and even more demanding when it comes to the refueling of heavy-duty vehicles. To cope with this challenge, we not only used the gained experience in successfully supplying diffusion bonded heat exchangers for the European hydrogen refueling station network. Numerous customer enquiries, the focus on customer needs and cooperations with leading universities provide the basis for our new developed standardized diffusion bonded heat exchanger to be applied in heavy duty hydrogen refueling stations. The new standardized design incorporates renowned and proven K°Bond features like entirely European supply chain and production including cutting-edge diffusion bonding technology. It enables fast delivery times and allows to discus design details even before placed orders. Based on our track record of diffusion bonded heat exchangers for Hydrogen refueling stations we were able to continuously improve our capabilities and gain extensive know-how which allows us to advise our clients and guide them through the technical selection process.



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