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KTS as a part of success story of the FPSO market leader

Deepwater oil exploration and production in the pre-salt basins off the Brazilian coast has led by our customer to lead the offshore FPSO market. Increases in the production capacity, operational efficiency and emission reductions have also brought technological advances in S&T heat exchangers.

KTS Brazil team has delivered over 2 high-pressure S&T Heat Exchangers, worth mentioning in Q4-23  had already delivered others 2 similar high pressure S&T Heat Exchangers, a combination of high pressure, special material and heat transfer performance on the S&T delivered to P-78 platform  and P-79, resulted on the equipment below with special know-how in which we highlight:

  • Code Cases

  • U2 Stamp

  • Advanced non-linear FEA based on ASME Code Section VIII Division 2 Part 5 criteria

  • Hydrostatic test on shell and tubes side over 400bar

  • Strong expertise/know-how on alloy 625 welding

  • Special double wall x-ray NDE test

  • Forged shell on CS + 625 alloy

  • Tubesheet special deep drilling machining process.

  • New fasteners devices to increase reliability and facilitate the maintenance

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