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Kelvion Thermal Solutions is shaping the future of transportation. 

Electric vehicles (EV) are the most important way to decarbonize road transport, a sector that accounts for 16% of global emissions.

Kelvion Thermal Solutions’ vision – Heat X-changing the world with sustainable engineered solutions, is perfectly in line with this unavoidable shift towards a zero emission philosophy.

No doubt that one of the major key aspects, for the future success of electric vehicles industry, is battery technology. The Most common batteries used in EV are lithium-ion ones. The current technology, widely used for production of electrodes for such batteries, is using the so called nMP solvent.

Kelvion Thermal Solutions is closely cooperating with world leading electric car manufacturers and battery technology providers. Recently, KTS has secured an important contract for one of the GigaFactories located in Europe, for the delivery of 128 heat exchangers, that will condensate and recover the above mentioned nMP solvent, out of exhaust gases from the electrodes drying oven. A pilot project, launched in the Competence Center of KTS in Opole, Poland has been delivered in 2022.

The finally selected solution, co-developed by a Polish - German KTS team, is divided into several steps, and consisting of Air Dryer heat exchangers. The recovered solvent is then returned to the electrode coating step, resulting in an increase of the overall process efficiency, allowing a significant reduction of the environmental impact.


During our 100 years’ history as a heat exchangers manufacturer, we gained A-Class experience with similar condensation processes. We are proud that, together with our partners, Kelvion Thermal Solutions is contributing to create the future for a sustainable world.

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