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Vacuum Steam Condenser for LNG 

From blueprint to reality :  proudly powering LNG industry

Kelvion Thermal Solutions S.A,U. Igorre, Spain has delivered Vacuum Steam Condenser (VSC) for Barossa project.

Vacuum Steam Condenser for the Barossa Project, an offshore gas and condensate project that proposes to provide a new source of natural gas for the existing Darwin LNG plant.

An amazing project from one of the largest FPSOs in the world. The Vacuum Steam Condenser was equipped with titanium tubes and was designed and manufactured by Kelvion Thermal Solution S.A.U for the end customer.

This shows the recognized know-how of Kelvion Thermal Solutions S.A.U.  in this product as S&T competence center.  A challenge project from an engineering and manufacturing point of view !!

The biggest round Steam Surface Condenser in the history of Kelvion Thermal Solutions, S.A.U !  

  • With a diameter of 3 meters and length of 13 meters and an approximate weight of 70 tons.

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