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Calhoun Power Plant

Environmentally friendly cleaning enhances a preventative maintenance plan at a U.S. power plant. The Calhoun Power Plant in Alabama wanted to have 4 of its cooling water modules professionally cleaned as part of its preventative maintenance plan. These modules were originally produced in 2002 in a factory in Hungary.

Special Foaming Solution is the Answer

After these units were installed in 2002, the only routine cleaning that had been done was a yearly rinse with local well water. The customer recognized that the external fins/tubes needed a thorough chemical cleaning; however, they wanted to ensure that the chemically treated wastewater would be absorbed into the ground safely.

Kelvion suggested a special non-evasive, non-etching, foaming chemical solution for the cleaning that was proven to be effective and environmentally safe. Kelvion’s long history in servicing all types of heat exchangers has given us a competitive edge to provide the experienced personnel and appropriate cleaning products for every job.  Planned maintenance performed during non-critical times is essential for facilities and Kelvion can create maintenance plans for the lifecycle of all heat transfer equipment. 

Customer satisfaction

Using Calhoun’s lift to access the top of each cooling water module, the Kelvion Field Service Team applied the solution into the top of the v-bank modules. It fed through the bundles, slowly cleaning the fins and tubes. The solution was then rinsed and the job site was properly cleaned to the customer’s satisfaction.

The result

By having the cooling water modules professionally cleaned with an environmentally friendly solution, the customer should be able to see considerable efficiency gains during the peak heat months in the American south.

“We were extremely satisfied with the professionalism of Kelvion's crew and their commitment to safety. Extremely impressed with the cleaning process. The spray gun allowed the coil shine to penetrate all the way through the coolers and during the rinsing process it was evident debris and dirt were being removed. This is something we’ll probably plan to do on a 3 -5-year cycle after accruing some more data,” said the Production Manager at Calhoun Power Company.

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