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Condenser Bundle Cleaning - Chemical Plant

In 2018, Azot Plant of URALCHEM completed a shutdown maintenance, which included replacement of the vacuum extraction unit in the compression section of the ammonia production facility. The vacuum extraction unit is the apparatus on which the operation of the main compressor equipment in ammonia production depends.The new equipment was designed and supplied by Kelvion. More than 20 trucks were used to transport the unit to the customer's site. According to the customer's representative, the main advantage of the new vacuum-extractor is that it has a larger heat-conduction surface. "This contributes to more efficient vacuum generation and stable unit operation during summertime," said the representative. Azot Plant of URALCHEM is the only enterprise in Russia which produces higher aliphatic amines, crystalline sodium nitrite, sodium nitrate and potassium nitrate. The Plant’s products were awarded with Golden Star and Golden Globe. The main products manufactured by Azot Plant are: ammonia, nitric acid, urea, nitrite-nitrate salts and ammonium nitrate.

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