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Ethylene Amines Production

Crystallizer aids chemical manufacture for everyday products. One of the largest single line EDC based manufacturers in Western Europe produces ethylene amines which are exported to more than 50 countries for use in industries ranging from shipbuilding and automotive to healthcare and consumer goods, including teabags and baby diapers. When the chemicals company wanted to acquire a new crystallizer, they contacted Kelvion.

Engineering excellence
Chemical processing is governed by strict health, safety and environmental regulations and the chemicals company strives to achieve the highest standards and is also committed to sustainability. Crystallization plants require many unique features, based upon well-established principles. To achieve optimum results, applications must be evaluated individually.

Kelvion’s reputation for engineering excellence and expertise in welding procedures and use of titanium made it the ideal choice.

Custom made solution
Manufactured by Kelvion Thermal Solutions in Spain, the new crystallizer has been custom-made to suit the customer’s operation. The shell and tube sheet are made from carbon steel with titanium cladding, and the interns and tubes are titanium. A final hydraulic test was made to ensure that the crystallizer would operate at the required pressure.

At 25 meters long and weighing 89.353 kg, the crystallizer needed special transport and loading equipment to reach the chemical plant.

The result
The crystallizer has been delivered successfully and started operation in 2021.

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