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Gas Liquefaction Facility

DIESTA supports the drive for carbon-neutral fuel. Supplying filling stations in Germany with carbon-neutral fuel in the future is the aim of one of the leading players in the oil & gas industry. The company is building a gas liquefaction facility at its German refinery and is acquiring a Kelvion air fin cooler (AFC) fitted with DIESTA tubes to support its green ambitions.

Higher heat transfer and lower emissions
Kelvion has been at the forefront of AFC technology for more than 90 years and the DIESTA technology, with its bimetallic finned tube, is a game-changer in helping customers to reduce their power consumption while providing a higher heat transfer and lower emissions.

Demonstrating the advantages
AFCs fitted with DIESTA tubes are ideal for withstanding the rigors of oil & gas processes and have the added advantages of requiring less space, being easy to clean and less susceptible to fouling.
At first, the customer was wary about using something new but, clarification from all parties, with the support of our teams in Sweden, France, and Germany, as well as the EPC contractor, proved convincing.

The result
The DIESTA AFC will provide cooling duties at a water and glycol unit at the LNG plant, which aims to have an annual capacity of 100,000 tons.

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