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Gas storage Debottlenecking - France

In 2015, Kelvion Thermal Services were contacted by a French Gas Storage site, who were facing cooling capacity issues with their Gas Cooler, especially during summer time when ambient temperatures are extremely high.

After performing a site audit to measure the actual performance of the Gas Cooler, the following was observed by Kelvion
► Airflow was found to be 25% lower than design,
► Coolers were designed for relatively low ambient temperature (30°C versus a maximum of 37°C for this region)

Kelvion Servies modified the Gas Cooler by upgrading the following parts:
► Complete fan set
► New motor and gearbox
► New fan shaft with top and bottom bearings
► New anti-rotating device
► New electrical cabinet

After upgrading the coolers, new site measurements showed that airflow was increased by 35% and the outlet process temperature decreased by 4°C - 5°C.
End-user was fully satisfied with the revamp, being able to operate the coolers without any issues during the summer time.

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