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Madinah Hospital

Cooling excellence at a Saudi Arabian hospital. Kelvion technology proved to be a winner when a hospital in Madinah, Saudi Arabia, wanted to replace the cooling towers in its HVAC system.

Higher efficiency with counter flow
The original cooling towers, supplied by a competitor were cross flow and the customer wanted to install counter flow towers, which are more efficient.

Kelvion’s CMDR19 range fulfilled the requirements. Fans in counter flow cooling towers suck the air upwards, while the water flows down. This leads to more effective cooling, which is essential in hot climates like Saudi Arabia.

Meeting the space challenge
Despite stiff competition from the existing supplier, the customer was convinced by the Kelvion technology and Engineering expertise which could fulfil all their requirements and meet the challenge of space constraints.

We supplied four cells, each with a cooling capacity of 800 TR (refrigeration). They were fitted with a stainless steel S316 water basin and cooling tower structure with fire-rated polypropylene fills and VFD-compatible geared motor.

The result
Kelvion met the hospital’s expectations on delivery time, installation and commissioning and the HVAC system is running reliably.

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