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Petrochemical Plant in France

A major energy company needed a heat exchanger that could provide cost-effective cooling and lower the carbon footprint at its petrochemical plant in France. The Kelvion Air Fin Cooler fitted with the pioneering groovy fin technology proved to be the perfect solution.

Outstanding thermal efficiency
Our patented groovy fins can improve heat exchange performance by up to 15% for the same power consumption. The grooved profile channels the air around the tube, maximizing the heat exchange surface.

Products fitted with groovy fins take up less space and consume 10% less electricity. In addition to an enhanced performance, groovy fins offer optimal fouling resistance and cleaning capability.

Demonstrating the advantages
Initially, the customer showed reluctance to use this new technology and needed to be sure that it would meet their thermal performance efficiency needs.

The Kelvion Proposal team from Nantes together with R&D, the concerned business unit and front-end sales met the challenge, clearly demonstrating the advantages of groovy fins, specifically related to fouling resistance.

The Result
A custom-built Air Fin Cooler with groovy fins was installed and is providing efficient and more environmentally friendly cooling for the chemical plant’s fluid temperature process.

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