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Propane Dehydrogenation Plant

Cooling technology supports propane dehydrogenation plant. Kelvion has supplied two air cooled condensers to a propane dehydrogenation (PDH) plant.

Customized to meet requirements
The facility is part of a larger petrochemical complex which will convert propane into propylene, used to manufacture a wide range of plastics.
Our air cooled condensers were acquired for condensing the steam from the turbines in the power unit. As with all Kelvion heat exchange technology for this sector, we customized them to suit the customer’s detailed requirements. Specifically, the supporting structure had to be built as modules and the condensers configured in a single row, with winterization process.


Easy lifting
We assembled the units outside the plant boundaries, saving on the customer’s construction costs. The quality of design and manufacture ensured that all the modules could be erected easily and precisely.
Good teamwork between Kelvion and the customer ensured that the project is near to being completed - mechanical completion is planned for 2021

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