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Smart Solution for Semiconductor Production

When a leading science and technology company wanted separation technology to extract a product for use in the manufacture of semiconductors, a desublimator from Kelvion proved to be the perfect fit.

Global market leader

Desublimation is a thermodynamic method for separating product from a gas stream by cooling and heating in batch operation. Kelvion engineers invented the first Desublimator in 1954 for the phthalic anhydride (PA) process. Now our Desublimators can be found in most PA plants around the world and, through continued development, we have become the global market leader in desublimation technology.

Our engineers have an extensive knowledge of manufacturing processes and production environments, enabling them to work closely with customers to provide a Desublimator that will integrate fully with their specific needs.

Meeting high pressure and safety requirements

This is what happened when our customer approached us. They wanted to separate a substance from a production process which could then be used in manufacturing semi-conductors. In addition, they needed to be able to upscale in the future.

A Desublimator was identified as the perfect solution for the application. The project consisted of a laboratory scale Desublimator and a pilot plant. A patented cylindrical design was chosen to meet the high-pressure specifications. This design was further adapted in line with safety requirements. It involved providing a double tube on the inside of the unit, clamped onto a pillow plate on the outside to fully separate the section with the cooling medium from the process side.

To ensure highest quality, a handheld laser welding machine was used on the internal fins. This process allows welding without any filler metal and increases product purity and life expectancy of the Desublimator.

The result

Excellent cooperation between the Desublimator competence centre in Bochum and the manufacturing site in Opole ensured that the Desublimator was delivered on time and technical discussions for upscaling are underway.

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