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Total Gas Mobility

Speeding ahead with K°Bond in hydrogen refueling. When Total Gas Mobility needed a more compact yet reliable heat exchange solution for hydrogen refueling stations (HRS), it chose the Kelvion K⁰Bond.

Precooling duty
Three K°Bond heat exchangers are being used to precool hydrogen before it enters fuel tanks. One unit is for fueling cars, which are filled up to 700 Barg. The other two are for trucks and buses, which are filled up to 350 Barg.

Fully compliant with international standards
Up to six times smaller than a conventional shell & tube heat exchanger, the K°Bond has a design pressure up to 1050 bar (ASME VIII DIV 1), a working temperature range from -200⁰C to 600⁰C and a high heat transfer rate. It fully complies with the international standard SAE J2601 for car refuel stations and the design is standardized which enables us to provide a shorter delivery time and very cost-effective production. Kelvion has a PED-type approval and therefore attuned to the European market for HRS. In the US, the units are supplied according to ASME code with a U-stamp.

The K°Bond is proven technology in the traditional and renewable energy markets. Now it is speeding ahead into the hydrogen refueling sector.

The result
The collaboration with Total Gas Mobility underlines Kelvion’s important contribution to the development of new energy sources.

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