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FPSO relocation project 

Investment in new European production line for K°BOND pays off

A large FPSO builder selected Kelvion Thermal Solutions to supply new printed circuit heat exchangers (PCHE) for their FPSO relocation project. The process parameters at the new location required the addition of 3 PCHE items in the gas processing section.

In offshore oil & gas production, size and weight come at a premium. Printed Circuit Heat Exchangers (PCHE) are therefore the preferred technology for gas processing and gas compression cooling on FPSOs. The K°BOND printed circuit heat exchanger is           6 – 10 times smaller than a conventional shell & tube heat exchanger and is the perfect solution for this task.

Since the relocation is a fast-track project, delivery time was an important selection parameter for the client. Because KTS is installing   a new K°BOND production line in their production facility of Nantes, France, they were able to comply with this essential project 



 Another factor considered by this FPSO client was the supplier’s experience with offshore projects. Also on this point the client’s 

 expectations were fully met. Kelvion Thermal Solutions has decades of experience in supplying pressure containing equipment for

 offshore projects. For this project, the K°BOND heat exchanger are provided with ASME U-stamp as well as DNV marine certification.

 Also the ability to comply with project specifications about welding and non-destructive testing (NDT) as well as international oil & gas

 standards were highly appreciated by the client.

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