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AFCs for Woodfibre LNG

DIESTA tubes and the consequent improved performance were the winning factor in the order for several air fin coolers (AFCs).

Air Cooler Bundle Cleaning - Ketone Dewaxing Unit

One of the units in their Ketone Dewaxing Plant was struggling to maintain the desired process set point of 40°C.

Air Cooler revamp for Crude Oil Distillation in UK refinery

The actual performance was measured and the following was observed by Kelvion.


One of the units in their Ketone Dewaxing Plant was struggling to maintain the desired ...

Condenser Revamp in LNG Plant

The production of LNG in liquefaction plants is limited by the output pressure of the propane compressor.

Hydraulic Belt Tensioner for Refinery

In 2018, Kelvion completed airside revamps on 42 forced draft Fin Fan units located in a UK Refinery.

Condenser Bundle Cleaning - Chemical Plant

Prior to our first cleaning service, fouling had never been correctly removed, and built up year-on-year leading to the fans recirculating air at the inlet.

Heat exchange equipment for URALCHEM's ammonia production

In 2018, Azot Plant of URALCHEM completed a shutdown maintenance, which included replacement of the vacuum extraction unit in the compression ...

Yamal LNG

It is the first plant of this kind being established at this extremely harsh weather latitude above the Arctic Circle. 

Coastal Petroleum

Kelvion’s North American Service Team Reaches Farther Than The Continental U.S. With a 2 Step Solution for an ACHE Repair!


Recently, a multi-national Oil & Gas company chose Kelvion to re-tube an Air Cooled Heat Exchanger (“ACHE”) from one of its offshore platforms.

OMV Refinery

REKUGAVO – a giant solution for giant tasks.

Ethylene Amines Production

Crystallizer aids chemical manufacture for everyday products. 

Propane Dehydrogenation Plant

Cooling technology supports propane dehydrogenation plant. Kelvion has supplied two air cooled condensers to a propane dehydrogenation (PDH) plant.

Smart Solution for Semiconductor Production

When a leading science and technology company wanted separation technology to extract a product ...

Kelvion Thermal Solutions is shaping the future of transportation. 

Electric vehicles (EV) are the most important way to decarbonize road transport, a sector that accounts for 16% of global emissions.


One of the world’s largest untapped energy source is the excess heat – did you know that?

Calhoun Power Plant

Environmentally friendly cleaning enhances a preventative maintenance plan at a U.S. power plant.

Paper Manufacturer

A paper manufacturer requires high-quality heat exchangers for paper drying. 

Rayonier Advanced Materials

Our colleagues from Kelvion in the Netherlands, Germany and France came together to win and deliver an order from Rayonier Advanced Materials for four sets of cooling towers and related gasketed plate heat exchangers.

Küttner GmbH & Co. KG

Making industrial waste heat usable for district heating – this was an important goal during the redesign of the sinter dust collection system of a major steel plate production plant.

District Cooling Plant in Cairo

Kelvion has supplied cooling towers for the HVAC system of a major District Cooling Plant in the desert 45 kilometers east of Cairo in Egypt.

Madinah Hospital

Cooling excellence at a Saudi Arabian hospital. Kelvion technology proved to be a winner when a hospital in Madinah, Saudi Arabia, wanted to replace the cooling towers in its HVAC system.

Total Gas Mobility

Speeding ahead with K°Bond in hydrogen refueling. 

Gas Liquefaction Facility

DIESTA supports the drive for carbon-neutral fuel. 

Petrochemical Plant in France

A major energy company needed a heat exchanger that could provide cost-effective cooling and lower the carbon footprint at its petrochemical plant in France. 

Pannonia Bio

Pannonia Bio in Hungary is the largest ethanol plant in Europe and one of the world’s most efficient refineries. 

Gas Facility - Tube Replacement

Abu Dhabi gas facility opts for more environmentally-friendly cooling. 

Global leader in animal nutrition

A global leader in animal nutrition in the south of France produces feed for billions of livestock at farms worldwide. 

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